Byline, How Local Journalists Can Improve the Global News Industry and Change the World
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How Local Journalists Can Improve the Global News Industry and Change the World

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Journalism is in crisis, but the solution is right in front of us.

It’s no secret that news outlets are struggling to maintain their audience,
and journalism jobs are being cut to accommodate tighter and tighter
budgets—all while the public regularly falls prey to “fake news.” Today, news
consumers have lost trust in journalism. They sense, rightly, they aren’t
getting the whole story.

By reimagining a model for international journalism, Cristi Hegranes has
proven we can reverse this trend—by changing who tells our stories. Local
reporters with proximity to events and access to diverse sources tell fuller,
more accurate stories—the sort of news consumers have been demanding for

Featuring original interviews with some of the biggest names in journalism,
including Nicholas Kristof, Carroll Bogert, Bobby Ghosh, Lauren Williams and
Global Press reporters across the planet, Byline makes a bold case that
international coverage led by local journalists can restore trust in the
entire industry.

To enact this solution, the industry will have to let go of many outdated
assumptions about what news people want, who has a right to tell their story,
and just what security means in the new era of journalism.
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